Think Plastic Surgeons wife and what comes to mind? Shopping all day and lunch at Nordstroms? Designer bags, shoes and a big a$$ ring on her finger. Yeah. Me too. Except my version of shopping all day is errands to Costco, Target, Staples and the grocery store. And my occasional lunch at Nordstrom’s usually involves a kids meal, three trips to the bathroom and breastfeeding in public. The only designer goods I use are Kate Spade and they are usually bought at a local consignment store. And the ring on my finger…well it’s a blue sapphire (meaning purity and faithfulness) and served as my engagement and wedding ring.

I’m a plastic surgeons wife, but not what you think of when you hear that phrase. When I met my (plastic surgeon) husband in the early 2000’s he was in his residency. I told him then I would never work for him. Well, 10 years into our marriage we opened his private practice and launched a brand that was unique and different to the industry. I’m a CFO, mother, wife, office manager, cruise director, partner and helpmate.

We have two little girls and a baby boy on the way. We live in Charlotte, North Carolina with two cats and a dog in a quiet neighborhood.

This is a look into our lives, our home and a behind the scenes of our business.

I am the Real Plastic Wife.

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