Author: Heather

Makeup Confessions


Makeup Confessions

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this but I’m 35 years old and just sat in a department store cosmetic chair for the first time last week. I was honestly nervous before I got there. My entire life I’ve quickly walked through the cosmetic and fragrance departments trying hard to not make eye contact with the employees. I feared those beautiful people would look at my lack of makeup and try to do a full grab-n-snactch makeover on me. I feared they would spray something on me that would smell like an old lady.

I haven’t bought makeup in nearly 6 years. I use a tinted sunscreen¬†from a skincare line we carry in our office. And when I do take the time to wear more than mascara I dig in my drawer filled with cosmetic samples my Mother-In-Law kindly gives me. You see, she always mentions to her makeup counter lady that her daughter-in-law should be wearing more ‘rogue’ so the sweet lady always gives her more samples. Yes, I have makeup counter pity samples.

So the real questions is what made me man-up and walk in and sit down in the cosmetic chair? Well we had an event and were partnering with two stellar members from Nordstrom. They asked me to come in for some pampering before our event and while I tried every excuse in my book (hard to make time, I always have the kids, blah, blah, blah) but they still managed to snag me. So there I was with Chik-fil-A take out for the kids and sweaty palms for me. I sat in the chair with nothing on my face except for moisturizer.

Terrie, the Expert Beauty Stylist, looked at me and her first words were “your eyes!” I blush and say “Yes, I know they are out on stalks…huge, I never know how to hide them except under sunglasses.” So she grabs some tinted moisturizer, pencils, bottles and brushes.

We chat as she works, I ask her oodles of questions about how she started in the beauty industry. She waves and smiles and seems to know everyone that walks by…she’s like the mayor of the Nordstrom Beauty department. It takes her longer than normal because we have to open ketchup packets, fetch lost fries, put stickers onto free toys and clean up messy faces.

And then the reveal. I’m still me. I’m still classic. I didn’t feel like I’m overdone or wearing too much. It was perfect! Now the challenge will be to recreate her magic at home with two kids and no Chik-fil-A to bribe them with….Makeup ConfessionsPS. Please excuse the bloodshot eyes and French Fry crumbs….and yes, I’m breast-feeding on the go in this picture.