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The Impossible Gift Guide

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The Impossible Gift Guide

There are millions of gift guides out there if you are looking for holiday gift ideas. I’m not going to give you one. Instead I’m giving you a list of ‘Impossibles’. Some are beyond the norm, some don’t exist, some are beyond most budgets, and some just might be a ‘maybe some day, not not today’.  But a girl can dream right….

  1. Unlimited mobile car detail service. I would love to be able to get my car cleaned and detailed anytime, anywhere and as much as I want. I spend a lot of time driving, running errands, basically living out of our family car. So it’s the messy Mom car you can imagine. But to not have crumbs or empty water bottles or kids toys or the missing sock or the junk mail from the office that I haven’t tossed yet. Well, this would be an amazing luxury. I’d probably call them daily if I had this service. They would hate me.
  2. Fluff-n-Fold fairies. What if fairies were real. And instead of just flying around and spreading fairy dust they did things for you. Like things you really need. Laundry is my least favorite household chore. In fact we are daily faced with laundry challenges ‘Mom I’m out of pajamas’, ‘honey this is my last pair of clean scrubs’, ‘where is my favorite sweater?’ But if I had fluff-n-fold fairies that just got it washed, folded and put away I’d be so at peace with the world (of laundry at least).
  3. Self-filing file cabinet. Two years ago I asked for a letter opener because I get ALOT of mail. But what I really need is a file cabinet that will file it all for me. Ahhh. Dreams. I’ve considering investing in one of those smart document scanners so I could rid myself of paper forever. But I feel like with the amount of paper I go through from bills to invoices to packing slips to financials I’d be scanning away 40 hours of my life weekly. I’d prefer to do my thing with paper then just put it in a secret drawer and the secret drawer does its magic and files it away.
  4. A roomba that also puts away shoes. Two kids+dog+two cats+husband. The floors always feel littered with shoes and dirt and hair. I need a good vacuum that also puts away at least the shoes. They could market it as the Shoomba. It’s genius actually.
  5. A cashmere bathrobe. But it needs to be machine washable and won’t shrink or pill. I know. Doesn’t exist, yet. But when it does, I’ll be the first in line to buy that thing and I’m going to live in it for a month before taking it off.
  6. A week away without kids. Maybe even without my husband. One whole week with just sleep, spa, wine, shopping and NO calls or texts or emails. Also I’d want to magically come back and not have 3,000 things on the to do list, 90 phone messages and countless emails. I’d just return to a clean house and clear desk.
  7. Paul Schneider Ceramics. I’d take anything from his collection, they are just SO beautiful and simple! I’d invest in his pieces for our future home someday, but not now. Not when I still have small kids who sometimes throw objects in the house.
  8. And finally…this could also be possible some day but not right now. Actually this is in the way distant future but again, a girl can dream…. Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch with 18K pink gold and steel and diamonds. This is just such a beauty, I’m breathless every time I see it.657944-png-scale-314-high
A BIG Announcement: A NEW office!

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A BIG Announcement: A NEW office!

I’m the lucky girl to make the official announcement. It was just 5 years ago that I encouraged Dr. Hubs to start his private practice, and 4 years ago that we opened in our current location. Back then we thought it was so much space! Now we’re expanding and moving to a new office, and we’re going MUCH bigger.

We’re moving to the Rea Farms/Waverly area into 7000+ sq feet! Renovations start soon as we’re taking an old pediatricians office and doing a bit of a mommy makeover on it. New walls, floors, light fixtures, etc. A whole new life to an old space.

The new location has easier access off Providence Road and 485. There will be two hotels our out of town patients can use. Several restaurants and shops to visit after your appointments. And the giant Lifetime Fitness that everyone is buzzing about is literally right next door!

Dr. Hubs will have 2 large Operating Rooms and 2 Recovery Rooms in a private surgery suite section of the space. The Skin Center will have 7 treatment rooms for everything from Chemical Peels to Botox to Coolsculpting. We’ll be able to expand our services and offer Health and Weight loss programs as well.

The office will have a lounge like waiting area and a separate retail skincare section that allows our Aestheticians and staff to handpick what they suggest for each patient and discuss the products and how to use them. We’ll also be hosting seminars and events in the larger space so we can help educate everyone and anyone with questions about procedures. Our goal is always the right procedure for the right patient at the right time.

The craziest part about this new office adventure is that we started looking back in March of this year! It took us several months to look at all the options. The moment I walked into this one though it felt right even though it was much larger then I initially thought we needed. I actually took the emergency evacuation plan off the wall and started sketching changes on it. I could see where we’d put the OR’s, Dr. Hubs office, the consult rooms and skin treatment rooms.

We’re hoping to be in the space before the end of this year, but you know how things go with renovation and construction. As soon as we can be there we will be even if we’re still waiting on furniture or art. But once we’re ready and set, trust me there will be an awesome and amazing party to celebrate.

It’s not our style to toot our own horn, but we do want to toot a horn and say thank you to our wonderful staff and amazing patients who have supported us for so many years.

Cheers to the new office!