Daniel’s birth story

Nothing about this wee little babe has been planned. I was surprised when I found out I was expecting him. The whole pregnancy was a physical struggle to gain weight, drastically different from my first two pregnancies. And then he decided to arrive two weeks early. But he is a true bundle of joy.

The week Daniel arrived was supposed to be a ‘get all the things done’ work week for me. It started with a skincare conference on Monday with one of my favorite lines Revision. I felt uncomfortable the whole conference, I just couldn’t get comfortable sitting. Tuesday I was in the office for a few brief meetings and to prep some marketing for a collaboration event. I left exhausted and went home to put my feet up. That’s when the contractions started…

I made tacos for dinner and our sitter stayed until 6:30 to help get the kids settled down and bathed. Dr Hubs had been operating all day and was tired himself. Contractions were medium intensity and irregular. I didn’t think of timing them that evening. After I tucked the kids into bed I laid down myself. But I couldn’t sleep. Contractions were still there.

Around 10:30pm our PA texted me asking how I was feeling and if the contractions were regular yet. She saw something I posted on IG stories. At that point I started to time them. And guess what, they were 7-10 minutes apart. I sat there timing for over 2.5 hours until I woke up Dr Hubs. Partly because I didn’t want to be in labor yet. I didn’t want to believe it.

Finally I woke up Dr. Hubs and called the babysitter. Nanny Lauren was here in record time and we left for the hospital around 2am. In the car my contractions transitioned to every 3-5 minutes….let’s just say while we drove through the sleepy parts of Charlotte I may have encouraged Dr. Hubs to drive through some red lights. After parking in the ‘moms in labor’ area we still had a long walk to the maternity ward, and I refused a wheelchair. I wanted to keep moving and sitting didn’t make me feel any better so we walked (or waddled) down the halls and I contracted every few minutes.

As I was finally checking in at the maternity desk they had me sign a few papers and about 6 nurses watched me in the midst of two contractions, an older nurse said ‘lets get you to triage and you can finish signing these there honey, you are close to delivery’. So again I waddled down the hall towards the triage area. And again I refused a wheelchair. And again I contracted several times on my way there.

By then I was contracting so often I couldn’t get undressed by myself. The triage nurse came in and watched me contract, then she put her head down the hall and yelled she needed a delivery room right away. Then she came back in and helped me undress and get into a gown. She smiled and said ‘third baby and you’re doing the side to side sway as you’re contracting I bet you’re at an 8 or 9 already, let’s get you on the gurney because I’m not letting you walk this one’. So finally I took a ride down the hall to delivery. That’s when the stop watch started.

The delivery room wasn’t set up but there was suddenly a team of nurses descending on the room to get things prepped. By the time they got me transferred and an IV in for fluids (no pain meds) I was dilated to 10 cm. Then the next contraction my water broke. Meanwhile nurses were in and out trying to get everything ready. Dr. Hubs was shoveling ice chips in my mouth between contractions so I could chomp on something. And then the nurse told me they didn’t have a doctor available, so she asked me to please not push. A few minutes later I just had to start pushing, and they grabbed a doctor (not even from my OB group) from the hall. As he came in and was gowned I was crowning. One more push and the doctor and nurses started to yell and tell me to stop pushing. Baby’s  umbilical cord was around his neck twice. Once he was free one more push and all the pain and pressure was gone, baby was delivered and he was crying right away. Dr. Hubs cut the cord and I lay back exhausted.

Daniel Adrian Gear was born at 2:42pm weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and measuring 21.5 inches long.

It was surreal, he was there! Two weeks early and smaller then my previous two babies, but honestly he couldn’t have been more perfect. Dr. Hubs snuggled him while the doctors and nurses finished getting me stitched up and cleaned up.

Finally the room cleared out and we were left with the delivery nurse who told me I was the fasted one that night, only 16 minutes in the hospital before baby was born! I was shocked and thankful nothing delayed us from getting to the hospital on time.

Welcome to the world Daniel!



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