Mommy's out of gin


Mommy’s out of Gin

It’s always easy to grab beer or wine while shopping at the market where we live. But liquor must be purchased at the ABC store. I hate going in. There is usually one employee. He stares. And it’s just kind of creepy how many bottles of booze surround you.

Last week the girls and I ran a few errands and I promised Smalls some fro-yo. So we stopped at TCBY near our house. The effort of getting two kids out of a car, into a yogurt place, self serve the yogurt and sit down without spills, tantrums or lost wallets always amazes me. Finally, Smalls is sitting eating her fro-yo with sprinkles when I look across the parking lot and see the ABC store. It dawns on me I’m out of gin. It’s a walkable distance. At least it seems so. I wipe faces, tell Smalls to grab my hand and we start our little walk. The whole time she’s asking me where we are going, what are we getting, why do you want that…. On and on.

Finally I open the door, push her inside and tell her if she breaks anything she’s not going to get an allowance ever. She’s 3, like she knows what an allowance is?! I go to where the gin is usually kept and now it’s bottles of whiskey. Crap. They rearranged. Now I have to ask the one employee. He’s already staring me down because I’m in the liquor store with two kids. It’s in the far back corner now so we carefully walk back and I grab my a bottle of one of my favorite brands. We go to pay and that’s when Smalls sees the mini bottles.

I paid as quickly as I could, grabbed her hand and we walked out as fast as I could go. Me with a baby strapped to me carrying a brown paper bag and holding a toddlers hand coming out of the ABC liquor store. How that must look to passersby. But you know what… Mommy drinks sometimes. Mommy likes the occasional cocktail. Mommy likes gin.

Smalls is going to tell the most random person at the most inopportune time about the day she “went with mommy to get something for her cocktails and I saw baby bottles there.”

Mommy's out of gin
Here’s my favorite go-to gin+tonic recipe.
Grab your prettiest highball glass
Fill it with ice
Pour 2 ounces of good quality gin on the ice
Fill glass with good quality Tonic water (I use diet because I’d much rather eat my calories)
Give a little stir, add a slice of lime or cucumber or both

Mommy's out of gin


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