Plastic Pregnancy


Plastic Pregnancy

How does a plastic surgeons wife handle the bump?

No. I’m not pregnant. But I’ve gone through two pregnancies in 3 years and barely a stretch mark (actually I have a few on my thighs but you have to look really close). 

So how did I do it? Well for starters I followed my OBGyn’s orders. I stayed active literally until I went into labor. Yes, I had afternoon slumps and had to sit a bit more during the 3rd trimester. But I was walking and exercising when I could and moving constantly. I was moving so much I rarely felt the babies movements during the day, but then at night once I’d settle down to bed it was a dance party in that womb.

As soon as I started to show I wore comfy clothing. Never, ever, ever did I squeeze my belly into something tight. That’s just not right. Let your belly have the room it wants and deserves. I can’t even tell you how snobbish I am about maternity clothing. I HATE synthetic fabric. It has to be soft and never scratchy.  Natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk are best. That skin is so stretched out and so sensitive.

Ok, ladies. About food. Let’s just lay it all on the table. You are NOT eating for two. That baby is tiny, like the size of a piece of fruit. It does not and will not need an extra 1000 calories a day. It needs 250, that’s a bowl of cereal. Seriously. So put those candy bars and cookies and goodness knows what else you are craving away. Eat fruit and veggies. Do not eat junk food. If you do you will gain 80 pounds and end up in our office needing a tummy tuck.  Did I give in sometimes? Yes. Daily? No. Weekly? No. Well maybe. Especially at the end.  But still protect yourself. Protect your figure. I hated seeing those numbers go up on the scale at OB visits. But it had to happen so let it happen gradually and in a healthy manner.

Ok. Off my soapbox. Back to skin.

When my skin started to itch from the stretching I would slather on Epionce Medical Barrier cream. Dr Hubs knows the dermatologist who developed the line and trusted his council to use it on my pregger belly. It’s super thick and I would lather it on before bed. Felt sticky but definitely dealt with the itchy and prevented stretch marks.

Finally, post-baby I wore the belly bandit. That $80 contraption is literally created by God. It sucks you in, locks you up, gives you support and shrinks your middle. I actually measured (for scientific purposes wink-wink) and lost 2 inches in 3 days once I started wearing Belly Bandit. I was actually in my skinny jeans one month after baby Peaches! That’s insane right?!

So no tummy tuck for me. My body is definitely different from before babies. But I’m ok with the difference. It’s the mark of motherhood. I’m preserved because of the precautionary measures I took during both pregnancies.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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