We’re growing…baby #3 OTW!

A few weeks ago I did what I normally do on a Sunday. I got up, cleaned the house, ran some errands and planned to make a tasty Sunday dinner and sip some red wine with Dr. Hubs. Then I started to feel really icky. I had actually been feeling icky for days and tired for weeks but I kind of ignored it because we were busy and I figured I was just burning the candle at both ends. Then it dawned on me. I had missed my period, but that bastard is always inconsistent so I just out it out of my mind. Two days later I went to Target for a pregnancy test and spend an extra $140 to mask the fact that I was a busy mom of two buying a pregnancy test. Anyone else been there?

It was positive. I called Dr. Hubs and he said ‘yes, I figured’ in his always matter of fact way. ¬†I didn’t know if I was supposed to be excited or scared. At the moment I was excited. We’ve always wanted three kids but we weren’t really planning on a third at this exact time. We have a lot of things going on with the business. And our two girls already keep us busy. I was hoping to feel more settled before purposefully outnumbering ourselves on the kid to parent ratio. But that’s beside the point. I was excited. And I was a little scared.

I told the kids right away and swore them to secrecy. And I told my mom. Because she would figure it out anyway, especially when she’d FaceTime and see my slightly green face and just ‘know’. Then I called the doctor and he couldn’t see me until January! Seriously! I’d be 4 months pregnant by then I couldn’t wait that long, so I scheduled to see the PA in the OB office¬†first.

My first appointment with the PA was great, but it took almost 2 hours between waiting for ultrasound and then waiting to see her. The whole time I was waiting I thought, ‘they need to have vending machines in this waiting room, I’d totally spend $5 right now for a snack.’ I’m always thinking about random business ideas like that…gift or curse, not sure which.

Once I got in they told me I was about 8 weeks and baby looked healthy. They handed me a bag of information and said we’ll see you in a few weeks!

In the meantime this first trimester is whizzing by. Busy helps. But pregnancy also seems to be slowing my down ever so much. I’ve dropped some weight because I do have some food aversions and loss of appetite. My morning sickness actually rears its ugly head in the late afternoon and evening. So I do my best to get a healthy breakfast and lunch. So far the only thing I’ve craved were spring rolls. Very random.

The bump was exposed to our staff a few weeks ago. Actually one of our employees asked me point blank if I was pregnant. She had never seen me snack so much and caught me secretly sipping ginger ale. I couldn’t lie, so I said yes and then we told the whole staff later that day. They were all SO excited and it actually made me feel good because keeping a secret like this from them was hard.

Baby is due at the end of June and currently the size of a lime!

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