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Amazon Favorites: August Edition

I’m constantly ordering via Amazon Prime for things we need (and want) in our home and at the office. It’s just TOO easy. If I can find something easily locally then yes, I support local. But between our family of 5 and our staff of 13 it’s just damn near impossible to support local for everything. I’d literally be running errands daily if I didn’t use Amazon. So here are my top Amazon buys this past month:

1. Lucite tic tac toe. Seriously, this keeps the girls busy while I’m nursing or on a phone call. I just let them have at it. I like that the look of the game is modern so it can stay out all the time. And who doesn’t love tic tac toe?71ux0mlgm4l-_sl1500_ 2. Peanut Butter Cookie Lara Bar: this is my daily snack attack. The fiber helps with… (ahem, you know). The peanut butter is a great source of healthy fats and protein. And it’s just yum. Plus it doesn’t interfere with baby tummy while I’m nursing.

3. This trash can is the BOMB. We ordered two for our break room at the office and I’m about to order another for home. Everyone loves it, if loving a trash can is allowed.81k4fwjruil-_sl1500_
4. I was hesitant about these acrylic frames for the office but as soon as they came I ordered a second set. This is perfect for a monthly product display we just set up but if you have a rotation of pictures or kids art on book shelves these are modern and simple to use.515xducewrl-_sl1000_
5. Mini pencils. I know this seems weird but hear me out on this. Julia our 3.5 year old is learning her letters still and sometimes struggles with her writing instrument. Hannah our 6.5 year old LOVES a particular Kate Spade gold pencil and loses it all the time. So now we have plenty of mini pencils for homework and the shorter size means we can perfect how they hold them a little easier.Plus, mini pencils are cute. And gold, because gold!71jlksnrul-_sl1024_

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