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An open letter to the neighbor I never met

Dear Tricia,

We moved to this street a year ago but we never had the chance to meet you. You were already in a dementia facility.

When my husband and I read about your passing last week we both cried. We cried because we know what your family went through in these final days, months and years with that horrible disease that took your brain. We just went through that with my father in law. We cried because your husband of 66 years is still living on this street and he’ll likely miss you more than ever. We cried because we so wished we could have met you.

The other neighbors tell us that you were so elegant. You had long blonde hair and were always wearing nice shoes and carrying fancy handbags. You were always impeccably dressed. A real lady! They also say you used to walk up and down the street much like I do with our kids.

You were what I strive to be. A support to my husband. A mother who pushes her kids to succeed but also holds them close. A lady. A resource for the community. A class act.

Although I never met you, I hope to carry on your legacy on our little Lane.

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