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Big Reveal: The Living Room

I’m beyond excited to start sharing photos and details about our new (smaller) house. I knew we weren’t going to be doing any renovations on this house for about a year, but I wanted to feel love for at least 5 of the rooms (Living room and our 4 bedrooms). So I set out on a mission, to design and decorate those 5 rooms in less than 6 weeks. And with a budget in mind. Some of our existing furniture worked, other pieces didn’t. So each room was a mix of old and new. Our new house has a lot of charm but the living room was a bit of a stumper. The built-ins were great, but why was there a space between? And there are windows on two sides with the foyer going straight in. I didn’t want to float a sofa (my kids would just use it as a trampoline). And none of the oversized sofas from our previous home would work in this smaller scale room. I knew I wanted to do something cozy. Then my inspiration came from this painting that had been in our old master bedroom. It’s done by a great aunt of Dr. Hubs named Aunt Bunty. She was a talented artist and I’ve always loved her painting of the poppies!

So then the search for a sofa to fit that little nook. We looked at 3 different local stores and walked away sad and beyond depressed. Nothing would fit unless we custom made something. I searched online and found a few options. But when I came across this green velvet loveseat I was smitten. So was Dr. Hubs. And when we both agree on something it must be right! It’s a little two seater loveseat but it fits the two girls perfectly when we’re reading books.



We reused the vintage chairs that were in our old living room. Added a chair that was in our former master bedroom that is super comfortable but I’ve always hated the upholstery…suddenly in this room it works! And we are still on the hunt for a 4th chair where that gold stool is now, but it might be something that just is a magical find some day.



Then I took a risk and ordered a striped rug. I figured if we didn’t like it I’d just go neutral. But neutral seemed booooring. When the rug came our babysitter helped me get it into place and then she said “omg, Heather! This looks like a Kate Spade living room!” We both started to jump up and down like cheerleaders.

I reused some side tables and a vintage Drexel coffee table I scored for $20 years ago at a Goodwill. And picked up a new lamp at Home Goods. Note: if you have young kids and lamps that they can touch, go for a metal base and those new plastic LED bulbs. Then if it falls, nothing breaks.


It took me longer to style the bookshelves then it did to furnish this room. The bookshelves are hard because we all actually use them, they aren’t there to just be pretty. The kids have their books there, Dr. Hubs has his record collection, record player and speakers. I have my pretty things and cookbooks. So we needed to make room for all.the.things and still create order. I’m actually still fiddling with the bookshelves and probably always will. Dr Hubs also opted for smaller bookshelf speakers from the same manufacturer we’ve had in our home for years. He loves music so having a high end speaker was his ‘must have’. I color-styled the kids hard cover books and put the floppy paperbacks into baskets they can dig through. The books are at their level so I find them several times a day looking for something and plopping into a chair to read or look at pictures.



A Target Threshold bar cart I’ve had forever and a day (and this bar cart has been to the office in many different spots too!). I pushed it to the side to hold the liquor we don’t use much and some pretty decanters. Then we added a few plants to the corner and suddenly this living room was done!


I already have a few more changes planned…I changed the fluorescent lighting in the built-ins to LED but ordered the wrong brightness so I’m taking those down to 3000k from the 6000k they are currently at. I might add some curtains to balance the long-n-lean windows and there is no overhead light so I might add that in the future. We sit in here every morning drinking coffee and every evening sipping wine, listening to music, recapping the day, reading books with the kids and just relaxing. Our family prefers music and hang- together time over tv at night.

Now, who wants to know where we bought everything?

Roberta Velvet Chesterfield Loveseat by Willa Arlo Interiors

Bold Stripe Cotton Rug

Grandview Gallery Lamp HomeGoods

Trenner & Friedl Sun Speakers

And some links to a few things that are similar to what we already owned:

Safari Chairs

Coffee Table

Bar cart


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