Coming up for air

I know y’all would love to see some more pictures of our amazing decor in the new office, or hear my thoughts on pregnancy (baby #3) and expecting a boy. But first I need to come up for some air and share what our team and family has accomplished in just two weeks…but really in the past 9 months.

Five years ago this spring I went shopping for office space for Dr. Hubs…it was time for him to start his solo practice and we wanted to be cautious and chose a lovely office space that was tucked away in a multi-use complex surrounded by other family friendly businesses. It wasn’t long before we ran out of room in that small office and added another small suite in the same building but on the ground floor for our skin treatments. Then last spring I felt the same pull and started shopping for a new office space….I looked at slightly larger then what we had, double the size and even triple the size…nothing seemed right. Then I looked at a space that was nearly 5 times the size we were in and it was perfect. The location, size, layout, everything. But yikes…it was a risk. Could we fill all those rooms? Would we have enough patients? What if the economy did another down-turn? Ugh, the rent!?

But we pressed on, signed a lease, hired a contractor and just buried our noses in our work praying that we could pay for it all. Oh, we also sold our house to finance a big chunk of the renovation we wanted to do on that office. And so the renovation finally started around Thanksgiving. We had multiple delays, last minute changes and difficult decisions to make along the way. We had more bills to pay then ever before. And yet, we had to carry on business as usual in our current office (but actually we had to build it up to be ready for that big new office!).

Then we rounded the new year and paint started to go on the walls, the floors started to look finished and the space started to take shape. The contractor was confident we’d be in there the first week of February. He was a little wrong…delays on inspections got us in there towards the end of February. We basically gave our staff a one week warning about the move. I picked up boxes, dropped them off and said ‘just start packing what we don’t need every day’. They had boxes piled to the ceiling for a week and were still seeing patients among the chaos. Everyone was extremely excited!

Finally moving day arrived and half our staff was able to take time on their Saturday to come and help put boxes in the right rooms. After just 6 hours we were all exhausted. It was a huge space, we had so much new furniture yet to arrive, and I can’t even remember how many desks, chairs and treatment tables we had to assemble. We lived on pizza and donuts for days in that office.

Come Monday when everyone showed up to put in another long day of unpacking and we hoped to be answering phones we discovered we had no heat. Actually our phones and internet didn’t work either… so Monday was spent with winter coats on, unpacking more boxes and praying for the phones to start working. Tuesday we started seeing patients. We had no furniture in our waiting room. But it really didn’t matter, we already felt at home. And on Tuesday our heat started to work which was a relief!

By the end of week one everyone was dragging. Did I mention one of our staff was out with the flu? And another with an upper respiratory infection? I was working the front desk and troubleshooting ALL the issues that seemed to arise. The team really pitched in to get through that week, but I will say by Friday night we were all ready for the weekend.

Week two has been no less of an adventure. We had a toilet overflow and flood three rooms. The phones don’t stop ringing (which is a good thing!). And we finally have some of our furniture (yeah!). We’re slowly trying to get art hung on the walls, but most of it is leaning against walls or the bare walls are waiting for the big custom art pieces to arrive.

In the midst of all this I’m 5+ months pregnant. Dr. Hubs has had his usually very busy clinical and operating schedule. Our kids have spent more time with our babysitter then with us. The babysitter has taken over making dinner but by the time I get home I just can’t stand or talk or think. Our kids are troopers and each time I take them to the new office they truly are celebrating with us and notice all the details of new chairs, new art and pretty shelves.

I’m thankful our staff has stood by us in this HUGE project. They have all just done the job and gone beyond to get us moved and on the road to feeling settled. Each day has a new challenge or problem to solve…nothing seems to scare the team we have (even overflowing toilets!).

But I’m most thankful for my husband. He saw what I saw in that big office last spring. He shared my vision and actually helped carry the vision when I’ve been at my most tired in this pregnancy. I feel like I’m coming up for air now…and I have so much to share in the coming weeks!

Get ready because after doing what we just did I feel kind of unstoppable!


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