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I’m basically the worst blogger alive

It’s true. I have a lot to say. But I forget to say it. Or I say it in short quippy, slightly sarcastic way via Instagram and Instastories… (which for the record is my favorite social media platform ever.)

So why am I so bad a blogging? I’ve tried to put myself on a schedule, but life happens right? A kid gets sick, I have to deal with something for business, I’m tired…whatever the reason the blogging schedule gets ditched first. I mean I need to shower people I don’t have time to tell you how good I smell when really I don’t.

Maybe I’m bad at blogging because I’m sarcastic and everything comes out a little bitchy or whiny or like I’ve had too much wine or with really bad run on sentences that last forever and ever but they never seem to end because there’s a plot twist in the middle like OMG I just saw a bird fly into the window, I hope it’s okay….alright, you get the point. I may be educated but I do have a stream of consciousness style to my writing and I do fear you may not like it/get it/read it/so I just don’t write it.

There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many women out there blogging about their lives and their lives seem SOOOOOOOOOOO much more glamorous and color coordinated and pretty and polished then mine. I mean, today I opened the fridge and the bowl of grapes fell out. So I ate a few grapes off the floor and I may have eaten a dog hair. Also, in case you didn’t see on Instastories, I broke my toe. It was the usual story around broken toes: big bare feet + no glasses + no coffee + yelling at the kids about their toys everywhere + dining room chair = stubbed toes + swearing + ice packs + Dr Hubs saying I’m a klutz + me hobbling about crippled. Yes, it’s so far from glamorous. Yet, every day is as real as it could be and the next day beats it in overtime.

I even suck at blogging photo shoots. I never know what to wear or how to pose. And I end of with FAR more outtakes that I personally think are freaking hilarious then real polished photos. Let’s face it, I’m a tall pale woman with kids and pets who like to sneak into every shot somehow. Oh, and I like to make funny faces that will lead to lots of wrinkles in the future but I don’t care, I get free Botox right?!

Maybe I’m a horrible blogger because I don’t shop at Nordstrom? When I do go to Nordstrom I spend all my time in the cafe eating kids chicken fingers and drinking slightly overpriced wine, oh and getting free balloons in the kids department. Or maybe it’s because I shop at Costco and Staples more then Target. Both those stores are totally cool but just don’t get the same recognition like Target does. Don’t get me wrong I love Target, damn I used to work for them in a past life. But maybe, just maybe I’m not a good blogger because I’m not there weekly showing off my Target haul.

Wait, I know. I’m not a good blogger because I don’t have some food or fitness or fashion fixation. I have a steady diet of wine, carbs and kids snacks. Trust me those things are catching up to my mid-section but not enough for me to jump on the smoothie for every meal bandwagon. Although I do reserve the right to change my mind on this one if they make a healthy smoothie that tastes like Sauvignon Blanc or apple pie.

Alright, I’m out of excuses as to why I’m a bad blogger. I’m just going to give into the truth, accept myself as I am and only Blog about things when I feel like it and when it’s something real. Hope that’s okay with you.


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