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RPW Favorite Things: Fall Edition

1. Kate Spade Gumdrop Earrings. I mean I wear them ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. Sometimes I wear then without my wedding ring (gasp). But I just feel a little more put together, a little more glam, and a lot more grown up with them on. Currently I have…should I even admit this out loud….9 pairs of the large gems. I love them all and I want more.


2. Studio Ink cards by Hallmark. This is my go-to for cards for our office and family. If it’s not printed with our family name or brand on it, then I’m usually pulling this out of the drawer. A little cheeky, a little naughty, a little arty. Its kinda perfect for a lot of occasions and reasons. This is one of my favorites and yes, I think I’ve even given this card to Dr. Hubs.


3. WAYFAIR! I can’t speak enough about how much I have used Wayfair and all it’s other companies/brands this fall for our home and office moves and renovations. I love (almost) everything I’ve bought. The things I don’t were the things I rushed myself on, it wasn’t due to color/quality/style. Be sure to catch future blogs for the things I’ve bought.

4. Pearls. I’m wearing pearls a lot more this fall and sadly the kids basically killed my long strand of pearls during an epic dress up session. So I’m relying on an old strand from Anthropologie (by old I mean at least 12 years) and this new strand from Kate Spade I picked up last month.


5. Silly Stickers. This fall is the busiest I’ve ever been with two kids, a growing business, moving… so funny stickers are my game changer for the kids. If I’m stuck on a phone call and they get bored/fussy/whiny/fighty, I pull out these stickers and hand them junk paper and suddenly it’s… quiet. Will the magic of stickers last forever? I hope so. But for now it’s great for car trips, plane rides, business meetings, phone calls, dinner time…okay….all.day.long. I found a 1200 collection of stickers cheap on Amazon.


6. Red Wine. I’m back to reds…and Dr. Hubs couldn’t be happier. He’s a pinotage, cabernet and petite sirah fan. I’m more of a Syrah/Shiraz girl myself. But either way sipping red on a cool fall night with the kids reading books while we catch up on our day is kind of perfect. I also love how red wine works with so many fall comfort meals like spaghetti, slow cooked roasts and root veggies, oh and pizza. A personal favorite we buy for fall dinner parties and Thanksgiving is The Chook…we call it liquid crack because you literally fight over the last drop in the bottle….bubbles + Shiraz.


7. Stripes. So I’ve been a little obsessed with stripes lately. clothing, rugs, window curtains. Don’t worry it’s not going too far, but I’m loving how stripes are a great transition from summer to fall. They have a timeless graphic quality. If I find a striped dress or top I tend to pick it over solid colors or florals. You’ll see a lot of stripes in our home as I post about different rooms. It just happened actually, but every room has a little bit o’ stripe for some playful graphic punch.


8. Girlfriends. In todays busy lifestyle it’s really hard to get time with the girls and I don’t mean my daughters. I’ve recently called on my girlfriends a bit more lately. I have to say it’s nice to be able to say ‘omg’ and they say ‘omg’ right back…even if we aren’t always in the same room, city, or state.

9. Books…I’m trying to get back into reading books. Like the paper object we place on our shelves to look smart but never really open. My kids devour picture books but we’re getting into shorter chapter books now. I’ve read ‘James and the Giant Peach’ to them and started a few of the old school American Girl books I loved as a kid. I’m also reading a few biz books on the side just to boost my brain power a bit. Don’t judge me, but I did read ‘Magnolia Story’ and ‘Capital Gaines’. Can I just say kudos to that couple for taking risks constantly…and putting their family first always. A few other biz books I’m reading: ‘Killing Sacred Cows’ and ‘You are a Badass’.

img_3314 img_3315 img_3316

10. Last but certainly not least is thredUp. Y’all I’ve gone from a custom Elfa Walk-in-Closet to (ahem) something from the 70’s. I’ve had to purge, as have my kids (plus they’ve outgrown a lot of things). It gave me 27 gray hairs just thinking about the 6 different local consignment stores I’d have to go to sell all our extra clothing and accessories. Then I discovered the clean out bags with thredUp. So easy, the only limit is what the bag can hold. Pricing is fair and I’ve enjoyed doing a little online shopping or cashing out my credit. For the busy woman that can’t do the Facebook sell group thing or the consignment store shuffle, this is the way. Click here for $10 to spend when you join!


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