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RPW Reflections: 2017


This past year has been a crazy, busy, messy and full of adventure. We’ve had highs, lows and the unexpected. I personally love reflecting at the end of the year, and I’m not a mushy person. It’s more about taking the time to say ‘how did all that just happen in a year?’ So here’s a little personal and business recap of 2017:

Early in the year we decided to sell our house. It just felt like the right time after 8+ years of renovating and restoring a mid-century abode. Prepping our home for sale and then listing was quite a project. By the time that house sold in August it was serendipitous. We had a reason for selling and it wasn’t to buy a bigger house but rather a bigger office (more on that later!)


Shortly after listing the house my Father in law fell and broke his hip, then passed away a few weeks later. It happened so suddenly and left my Mother in law needing some extra help. So I traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia 5 times between July and October to help her with her home and planning his memorial service. It was a challenge to say the least traveling with two kids, managing business details from afar and handling the stress of FIL’s passing. But I’m glad we were able to take the time to serve and be there when we were needed most.┬áThis is my favorite picture of Adrian ever….

Fond of FIL

The most unflattering pic of our entire family but this as real as it gets! We found a new office space and signed a lease over the summer. Then started to plan the renovation which has taken us much longer to plan and execute then we originally thought…but good things come to those who wait. Our new office is 4 1/2 times bigger then where we currently are and we couldn’t ask for better neighboring business (hello there Lifetime Fitness!) Moving Dr. Hubs practice wasn’t something we planned for 2017 but it felt like the right decision! The sale of our house has helped with the renovation costs too!Big News

Guess what? We bought another fixer upper! This time though we went small (downsizing by 30%) and intend to rent this one when we’re done with renovations in a few years. But that doesn’t mean we can’t decorate it nicely and enjoy this home while we’re here. My favorite room is the living room, which is petite but just right for reading books and enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day.



I must admit those first few moments alone in the bathroom with the positive pregnancy test on the counter were strange. I wasn’t sure what I should feel….excitement, fear, relief. I hadn’t felt well for weeks but I just chalked it up to overworking myself. Baby #3 is on the way and due in June! At first I thought the timing was a little tough with our new office opening but God always has perfect timing and I’ve had to rely on our staff and Dr. Hubs to help me get through these first few months.

So much more goes into a year of life. But I feel like this is our highlight reel. Everything we work for is for our kids and business…. The highlight reel for 2018 will probably be similar just with more business and one more baby! Every year that goes by seems to show me more of who I am and what I’m on this earth for, I couldn’t ask for anything more…just a purpose to be.

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