The 8 things I don’t talk about but probably should

There are a lot of assumptions out there about plastic wives. Okay I can’t speak for all the other plastic wives out there so let me re-phrase. There are a lot of assumptions about me out there. And maybe I should say more (or occassionaly less!) about certain things. So I give you the 8 things I should probably talk about but don’t:

  1. My husband sends me nudie pics of other women. Yes, you read that right. I manage the social media for his practice and he sends me before and after pics when the patient has consented to use of their photos. But often it looks like just a big text conversation filled with nudie pics.
  2. I hate pictures of myself. I hate taking selfies.  Look in our home and we actually don’t have any photos up at all of ourselves except for a single wedding shot on a high remote shelf I rarely pass. In fact if in could fill my social media account with pictures of babyman or flowers I would. So most pictures I take now I don’t look at the camera, actually I usually just talking or trying to distract myself from the photographer. Good photos of me are hard to get because I’m constantly moving/talking/making expressions.
  3. Yes, I get Botox but I still make an appointment like everyone else. And guess what!? It’s not free, the injector is still paid her hourly rate and of course we buy the product. I like how I look with Botox but it’s weird not being able to move my forehead as much. But the tradeoff of not looking so tired/mad all the time is worth it. I DO NOT have Botox injections when pregnant though…big no-no.
  4. I’ve never had plastic surgery, but I’ve been begging my husband for liposuction for years. And I have yet to convince him. He tells me to diet and exercise. I tell him the cookies tell me other things. If I could have lipo I’d have it on my lower back and inner thighs and tummy. I like the curve on my outer thighs and hips. I’m naturally an hour glass shape. I’m also considering breast implants or fat grafting to the breast once I’m officially done with babies.
  5. I really do hate cooking. And I never make a grocery list let alone a menu plan. Ye,t somehow we still eat most of our meals at home. I keep our diet simple for the kids and Dr. Hub’s schedule. But when it comes to cooking and shopping I’m super laid back, almost non-chalant. Sandwiches, salads and soup are very common dinners in our household. And I’m not ashamed to admit I haven’t looked at a cookbook in years.
  6. I hate exercising even more than cooking. But if I have a trainer I’m more likely to enjoy it. I don’t have a natural drive to push myself to sweat. I do like how I look and feel after exercising though, it just takes a lot of bitching and complaining to get to that point. Because I’ve been in a constant state of pregnancy + breastfeeding for the past few years I find it hard to make the time to get in with a trainer.
  7. My job is to spend the money. Not on frivolous things (I wish!)….I pay the bills for the medical practice and our household. I literally have to pay bills on a weekly basis because we have that many. It’s insane how expensive medical supplies is…truly insane! The most expensive item you ask? Breast implants, those things are ridiculous but well worth it for the brand and quality of product we buy. And the second most expensive product? Botox!
  8. Running a business is freaking hard work. We’ve been at this for 5 years and not a day goes by when I don’t worry. The years have passed quickly but the days can feel really long, most likely because I start and end my day thinking about business.

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