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The hardest move yet was the closest one

Some blogs I write and never publish…let’s just say they are like cheap therapy. Most of the blogs you read are not pre-planned. It is really Real, what’s on my mind and what’s happening in our lives right now. I say most because a few things I start then come back to finish and publish. This one though, it couldn’t be more fresh or hot off the presses. We are moving tomorrow. By moving I mean movers are coming to get the heavy stuff but we’ve been moving for days already.

Over the years we’ve moved a lot and every other time it’s been long distance. This time was 3 miles. And it’s been the hardest move to date.¬†We are actually downsizing by 25% in square footage. The last time we moved it was from a rental to this home that we purchased. We were starry eyed and I had every detail planned, the moving company pre-booked, pizza pre-ordered and the kitchen mapped out for every pot, pan and plate. Nine years later, 2 kids, a really busy practice and office renovation later I’m almost in over my head. We went under contract on our sell and buy house just last week. Then we started packing and moving literally 4 days later. Why so fast? Well it’s all about timing and schedules.

Our buyers and sellers wanted to close within 30 days which we felt we could accommodate. But when we sat down with Dr. Hubs surgical and consult schedule and my travel schedule to check on his mom and our kids activities schedule we literally had one long weekend to move and it was this one. So we rallied and we played some Michael Jackson tunes (okay that was just me) and we pep-talked our kids and we called our babysitter and we did it in 3 days. Well almost.

In an effort to not cause havoc we decided to move things over to the new house, unpack those things then go back and pack more and move. over and over and over and over. My thought process was it would be far less disturbing to our kids to move all their toys at once to a new room, then their clothes and books, etc. But it’s been a little harder then that. I’ve made over 25 trips in 3.5 days. I lost count actually.

First of all our new home is smaller. Second, our new home has very different storage situations to our old home. Third, kids are SO much harder to move (as is 9 years of living in one place). There are some items I know exactly where they will go and we moved them and when ‘AHHHH!’. Then there is the matter of our closets and bedrooms. Both girls will get new beds in the new house but their closets are SO much smaller so I need to order dressers or figure out storage solutions. Same with our closets. We are coming from built in Elfa closets to something, well, lower class. And I’m scrambling to figure our dressers or storage or something. In the meantime all our clothing is in laundry baskets strewn about the rooms. I’m also pretty sure my kids have worn the same clothes for three days in a row, or I’m so tired I can’t really remember. Either way we need to get some laundry done and put somewhere soon.

Moving two refrigerators/freezers into one is not easy. And we’ve been eating out of the fridge and freezer for a week to anticipate this move but still…I found we had a huge supply of popsicles and salad dressings….everything else was either expired or almost empty so I tossed it.

The kids keep wanting to go for bike rides or play and I’m to tired to say yes. And every time I ask what they want for lunch or dinner (because you know I’m ordering out or driving thru right now) they say ‘chicken and fries’. I feel like the WORST mom ever for just letting them eat crappy stuff all day/every day. Maybe I should put them on a juice fast next week (jk).

My wine consumption was low before this endeavor, now it’s high again. Let’s just leave it at that. I’m beyond emotional but I’ve got to hold my $h!t together y’all. I’ve lost it on the movers already (and now I’m secretly wondering if they will break my stuff tomorrow). There is no room for emotions right now, there is just a job to be done.

The only thing I can focus on is this: finish moving tomorrow, drink some wine, hop on a plane Wednesday, spend 5 days away, come back and NEST.


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