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The Mother of all updates

If you are new to Real Plastic Wife, welcome! I’m married to a plastic surgeon and we live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m not your stereotypical Plastic Wife. I’m real. As all-American girl, Heinz 57, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and work your a$$ off as they come.

Some of you have followed along on the past two years of my blog journey. I never set out to blog about just one thing. I’m not a fashion blogger, though I do love style and fashion and some specific brands. But I wear more consignment then retail! I’m not a strict mommy blogger, but we have two kids so you see and hear about them a lot. And I’m not a #girlboss. Sorry but Dr. Hubs and I work together and value each other’s strengths. I couldn’t do what I do without him and vice versa. So I’m not just a girl boss. I guess we’re more power couple but not on a power trip.

Anyway, now that we have that established we’ve had a lot of changes in the past few months. Something’s I’ve subtly shared on social media. And some things I’ve kept secret. So here is the mother of all updates. And I’m taking you back to April to get you caught up!


After carefully renovating and decorating our nearly 4000 square foot home over the past 8+ years, we decided to list it for sale. It took us a couple of months to get it ready with fresh paint, an update to the master bathroom and some general repairs. Once we were listed it was hard on a daily basis to keep everything together. Running a business and letting kids be kids was nearly impossible. My office was literally a file box and the kids no longer had a playroom but were just allowed a few toys out at a time.


We looked at homes to buy and we found a few we liked but nothing we loved. But more importantly we started looking at new office space. Our leases in our current office spaces aren’t up until 2018 but our business has been bursting at the seams. So I started touring office spaces and discovered one that was so perfect I was bursting at the seams. I even took the evacuation map off the wall and started sketching all over as I walked through the space. It was exactly what we needed. But Dr. Hubs was skeptical and so we kept looking. As we started to review offices and potential budgets I realized how importantly selling our house was to our business expansion. Instead of investing the profit from our house sale into another home we decided it was going to go towards business needs with a new office space (build-out or renovation).


We toured more office spaces realizing we’d most likely be paying two rents at the same time but we knew we needed to move. So we pressed on, reviewed contractor plans for the spaces, reviewed lease documents, looked at all the pros and cons.

June was also a very sad month for us personally. Dr. Hubs father passed away on Fathers Day. Our family has been grieving since then and we’ll be attending his memorial service next month. We’ve gone back to check on his mother once a month since June.


We settled on a new office space and signed a lease! From that moment on our contractor has been working to get our dreams and plans on paper. My first meeting after we signed the lease was with 2 architects, 3 electrical engineers and the contractor. I can tell you I stood there overwhelmed and a little scared. Scared about budget, scared if we could really make it pretty. You see we decided on the aging office that needed a makeover rather then the new build. More on that later I promise! But I do tell people now that we are doing a mommy makeover on our new office…from top to bottom!


We sold our mid century modern home! It was a tough 4 months on the market because we saw more traditional homes selling quickly. We had 50+ showings and 3 open houses. We felt every comment and question from prosepectovr buyers.  Then one solid buyer finally emerged and loved our home and made an offer. Then after 3 days of back and forth negotiating they decided to ‘look at other properties.’  We were crushed. A week later we got a second offer and they wanted a 30 day close!

So, we scrambled and looked at houses to buy. We looked and looked and looked.  We looked at the top of our budget. We looked at the top of the banks budget.  note: our budget and the banks budget were deiffernt. The bank of course says you can afford more. I’m a pragmatist, and I lower the budget below the banks offer. We looked in two different counties. We looked for two solid weekends. Then we made an offer and we lost the house. We were crushed. And freaking out a bit. Would we need to rent? Then Dr Hubs reminded me of a small house we looked at earlier in the summer. It was on some average, was older and smaller. But we saw it as a good investment property. One we could live in now and rent later. So we went back to it and guess what it wasn’t even on the market! The owners were older and trying to refinance because they had retired elsewhere and had two properties to pay for monthly. Dr Hubs doesn’t like to take no for an answer so he called the former listing agent and shared our story. Five days later we were under contract. And two days after that we started moving into that little house.

I kid you not. We downsized by 30% in square footage. I was worried. I feared we wouldn’t have enough space for our busy lives, limited closet space, toys, books, clothes, kitchen… everything was smaller.  How the hell would we fit it all there? One saving grace: the buyers of our mid century wanted some furniture. Another saving grace: we had 3 weeks to move our family slowly so we could move little by little and try furniture in the right places.

The move little by little thing didn’t really happen. You see once we had occupancy of our new little house (part of our negotiation was to rent the home to us prior to closing so we could move slowly) we realized living in two places is hard. We’d sleep in one house, the kids toys were in another house, and where is the cereal or laptop chargers? So we got it all done in 5 days. We didn’t even really pack. We just loaded things into totes, packed the car up and hauled it over, unloaded and put away then turned around for another trip. 50+ trips in my car like that. And I hired movers for 3 hours to move beds and couches and big credenzas. It was exhausting. I finished those 5 days so bruised and battered and sore. I couldn’t find my underwear save for 3 pairs I just kept washing. My kids had huge piles of clothes on the floor of their rooms and we all slept on mattresses on the floor. The amount of take out food we consumed was ridiculous. Everyone in our little family chipped in and we moved to the new little house.


We closed on our mid-century modern home. Prior to closing we did a slew of final repairs, paint touchups, polished the floors, and left that house as pretty and shiny as we could! We also left a bottle of champagne and some champagne flutes for the new buyers.

I’ve taken the month of September to settle into our new house too. I can’t wait to share with you how we’ve decorated the main rooms of the house and settled in. Everyday is a different challenge of where to put things and how to stay tidy in the midst of the chaos of life.

The architects and engineers have also finished up our plans for the office. It’s been torture waiting for them to finish putting our dreams onto paper. This whole summer has been so full with the house for sale, searching for a new home, searching for an office; I honestly don’t know if we could have handled things on the office front sooner. The best part is we are entering into the next stage of business growth without the need for loans.

We’ve spent the past 6 months planning and praying. And now we’re preparing ourselves for the next 6 months…where we move our business into it’s new home! Get ready…it’s going to be bigger then you think!

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