Then the Wiener happened.


Then the wiener happened

It started out as a very normal day. The kids were excited for their weekly swim class, I was making my to-do list my b&#$#, we were playing with the dog. Then the wiener happened. And I’ve been traumatized since.

Occasionally I help with office inquiries from home…it’s not hard to do and I’m able to answer online questions about pricing, procedures and treatments. I was making lunch for my kids when I heard the familiar chime from Live Chat. I saw someone was asking a question so I let them finish before I greeted them.

It wasn’t really a question. It was more of a statement: “I have some brown spots and discoloration.” Well, a lot of people do after sun exposure all summer long. So I simply asked where the discoloration was and had that area been exposed to the sun. We can often treat those nasty sun spots with our IPL laser.

The answer was a jpeg.

I opened the the jpeg and yes I saw some spots and discoloration but still couldn’t tell what part of the body so I asked again, what part of the body.

The answer was 2 jpeg images.

Then the Wiener happened.

I opened the JPGs. Then I made this face:

Then the Wiener happened.

The worst part of the whole situation was when I told Dr. Hubs what happened, he thought it was funny. Down right hilarious in fact.

I have one thing to say to you Mr. Dick Pics…

Classy not Trashy.

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