What am I doing?

I had a quick but inspiring coffee date yesterday¬†with a lovely entrepreneurial lady. Our similarities were astounding. She’s about my age, expecting her second baby and has a hubs in medicine. But she asked me a question few have asked me… ‘what was my goal with Real Plastic Wife?’ I actually heard a similar question from Dr. Hubs earlier this week. His was more along the lines of ‘what are you trying to say?’

Well I honestly ask myself that daily. What am I doing here? What is my purpose? Am I saying anything that actually means something to someone? Or am I just going to be one of those bloggers that posts pretty pictures and gains thousands of followers? If you know me at all yet it’s not about followers or pretty pictures. It’s about being REAL.

Let’s face it, life is stinking hard. Marriage is hard. Running a business is hard. Parenthood is hard. Or if you’re struggling with infertility that’s almost worse with all these knocked up people around. Work and finding passion in what you do for money is hard. Finding true friends and relationships is hard. Eating healthy is hard. Exercising, that just sucks. Quality time is hard. Finding your purpose in life is hard. Okay, you get my point. Nothing is easy, even when it looks easy.

That’s what I’m doing here. I’m opening up the book and showing you that every page of our story is real. I couldn’t fake a smile if I tried if I was struggling through something. I want to inspire others to be real and true. If you’re having a rough patch in life that’s okay to admit (and ask for help!). And if you need to celebrate something then do it (even if it’s small). If we aren’t real with ourselves how can we be real with others.

Real-ness doesn’t mean showing all your dirt either. Pretty pictures are okay! Some of my favorite posts to write are ones when I’m sharing some of my favorite things that make my life nicer/easier/prettier. I can’t tell you how many people have thanked me for sharing about The Chook wine this fall…it actually sold out at our local wine shop!

I follow a very talented female entrepreneur and business woman in Charlotte on social media. She’s building a little empire between her CPA firm and networking group among other things. Her real-ness is awesome to watch. Some days she posts gorgeous selfies that make me say ‘daaaamn girl!’ There are occasional posts when you know she’s challenged by something or someone (haters). But most of what she posts is positive, real, true and encouraging. Other days she may post something as simple as this:


That’s what I want to be doing for you. If I’m not sharing something of substance. If I’m not saying something could could be encouraging (even if its just funny so we can all laugh at the insanity of life). If I’m not telling you the truth then I might as well be mute.

That’s what I’m doing….I’m being Real.


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