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Best thrift resources

In my early thrifting days I would spend a Saturday morning with a black coffee, a small amount of cash in my pocket and a plan to hit 2-3 shops in search of treasure. My focus in those days was to find vintage…60’s coats that still felt current, silk scarves with wild prints and the occasional dress or blouse that still had some life in it. My favorite city to thrift in was Los Angeles when Dr. Hubs was doing a fellowship in aesthetic surgery. I had 6 glorious months of driving all over looking for treasure.We even went to a few flea markets together and found some fun lamps (that we still have!) and other little decor goodies. Some of those early thrifting finds aren’t in my closet anymore, but boy it was fun finding them.

Local to Charlotte resources

Divine Consign with two locations this shop is a great place to find still on-trend fashions for women, unique and designer brands, and pretty candles. If you are a Lilly Pulitzer fan this is the place to shop. They style tops by color and the other clothing items by style. They also have a a few great sales throughout the year and always announce on their social media.

Mommy and Me this little shop is near one of our offices and the shop owner only takes brands like Gap, Janie & Jack, Hanna Anderson and miniBoden. So the medium to nicer brands. She also takes toys and baby gear and has a very discerning eye for quality. I’ve found a lot of the kids favorite wood toys and we always hit up her 50% sales every year to stock up for next year on a few items of clothing.

Nouveaux is very swanky. You’d actually never guess this was a consignment shop driving or walking by. I love their shoe selection and will definitely hit them up the next time I need a fancy dress. Oh and they were kind enough to let us shoot part of my headshots in their store…super cool people!

Assistance League of Charlotte is part of a larger league that has 23,000 members nationwide. But this particular shop is Ah-mazing. If you’re looking for some nicer home decor items this is the place to go. I’ve found crystal and polished silver in this shop. And they put all their nicer ladies wear in a ’boutique’ area inside the store.

Back Porch Treasures is associated with the Matthews Help Center. As small as this shop is I’m amazed at how tidy and organized those volunteers keep it. I like heading here for Christmas decorations oddly. Every year they turn the middle of the store into a little holiday shop. They put assorted ornaments into gallon ziplock bags and charge $1-$2 per bag.

Zabs Place has got to be one of the most unique shops with the biggest heart in the area. They employ and train young adults with special needs. They are right in downtown Matthews and always have the coolest window displays that just make you want to go in. And they’ve broken up the big store into little boutiques like a shoe shop, nicer women’s wear and art/home decor. Plus they are always playing funky, cool music.

Thrift shops

There are the national ones and the private ones. The Goodwills and Salvation Army stores have a time and place, but as I get older and busier I just don’t have time to go through all the junk that those stores have unfortunately. I’m not saying they are all junky but it’s just harder to find nicer items quickly. Instead I like heading to more ‘private’ thrift stores like ones that are attached to smaller charities or organizations. Check my list above for some local to Charlotte places.


This online shop has become one of my favorites for buying and selling. It’s like an online consignment store with beautiful pictures (that they take!). They will outright buy from you and take some things via consignment too. Plus they have donation options for things that don’t sell. I love that I can send them my clothes and accessories AND my kids things too. I don’t send them crap stuff either. I’ve actually started pre-buying a lot of maternity dresses from thredup and everything ships right to my door! If you haven’t tried them use this link for $10 off your first order.


I used to be a big Poshmarker….One year I sold $3000+ in clothing I just didn’t wear/want any more. But I found it to be laborious to always be sharing my items and they changed a few ways to buy that I wasn’t the biggest fan of. So I stopped using but for the gal with time to search and list go for it! You can make a lot and find some awesome pieces!


This is one of my go-to spots for buying and selling. The selling reason, is that they give you cash on the spot for the things they want to buy. But sometimes its a crap shoot on what they will take. For buying I love that my local store pulls designer items and puts them on a rack towards the front. When I have a quick child free 30 minutes I head in there, shop that rack, swing past the dresses in my size and hit the dressing room. Without fail I always walk out with several items (and I seem to score a lot of Kate Spade jewelry here too!)

Habitat for Humanity Restore

With stores all across the US this amazing non-profit has combined the donation and sale of new and gently used furniture, appliances and building supplies to finance the funding needed to build homes in communities. We have a few near us that actually have awesome bookstores as part of the Restore. It’s a favorite place to go to donate and find treasures. They also pick up furniture for donation if you call to get on their schedule.


This has been one of my favorite ways to thrift for our homes over the years. I found some amazing pieces in LA, Minneapolis and here in Charlotte. I’ve also successfully sold a lot of pieces that just stopped working well for our home. I’ve gotten a Crate and Barrel Lounge sectional (retail $3000+) for $800. I’ve scored countless mid-century modern pieces (which all sold with our mid-mod house last year). I’ve also found a few high end strollers on Craigslist. Our old neighbors used to make fun of us when we’d ask to borrow their truck to pick up a new Craigslist find, then they discovered a few things on their own and when we asked where they got the pretty teak outdoor table set they shamefully said ‘craigslist’. Know what you are looking for and don’t travel too far for something that you’re not certain you will buy.

Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups

A few things I like about these groups is that you only have to belong to the ones you want. So focus on moms selling baby stuff or your neighborhood or area of town. The thing I don’t like about these groups is that if you aren’t on FB alllllllll the time then you aren’t going to score the good stuff. I’m rarely on FB scrolling or searching, I mainly log in to answer comments. So I do miss out a lot on area deals and steals. But this is a great resource for you Facebookers out there!

What are your favorite places to shop when your being thrifty?


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