Cheap a$$ designer


I admit I’m a cheap a$$ designer shopper

I do enjoy a good trip to the mall with my kids but I rarely venture into the designer stores or departments at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. Seems odd huh? I’m pretty cheap when it comes to my own wardrobe choices. And while it might make most sense as a mom to just wear Target all day every day I actually have a slight addiction to designer clothing. So when I do buy designer its usually at consignment stores or via consignment apps.

My reasons why I shop for designer goods at discounted prices:

  1. The assumption is that designer items are always well made….and in my experience that’s almost 100% true…if I buy a gently used designer item I know it’s already been quality tested!
  2. It saves me so much time to shop online with apps like Poshmark and Totspot for the designer brands I already love. I know some people love shopping eBay too.
  3. I feel like I’m finding something original when I find a designer piece at a great price. Like it was once a loved and cherished treasure and it’s been lost and now found by me!
  4. I’ve asked┬ásome of my favorite consignment shops to put a ‘designer’ rack together and they usually oblige…it makes it easy for shoppers like me to quickly and easily pull what I like from my favorite designers…without fail I end up buying from that rack when I go into those shops.
  5. I’m a bit more careful with my designer clothing than I am with just t-shirts and shorts from Target. I hang my clothes up rather than just letting them hit the ground or the chair at the end of the day.
  6. Call me crazy but I always feel a bit more put together when I’m wearing a Kate Spade dress with just sandals or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with Tory Burch flats. There is just something about wearing one great item to make you feel great all day.
  7. Heaven forbid something happens…blood, rain, mud, ink, finger paint, ketchup….all those daily threats to clothing, shoes and handbags are far less traumatic when I’ve paid a little less for something when life just spills on me.

Be sure to check back and read about some of my favorite designer steals (and splurges!)

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