RPW Gift Guide: White Elephant Gifts

Christmas is one week away and all the gifts are under the tree at our house! So I’m bringing you another (almost) useless gift guide…unless you happen to be attending a White Elephant Gift exchange and then this is exactly what you need right now! All these gifts are things you should either have in your home or are less then $5. If you are attending a party where you must spend closer to $20 then just get multiples of these items (plus some of these are hilarious in multiples). And you shouldn’t have to search hard in stores to find them. Maybe I’m cheap but I hate buying gifts for parties like this. I buy nice hostess gifts but not for events like this where half the crap is re-gifted or thrown away.

Our office party is this Wednesday…we are shutting the office down in the afternoon and treating everyone to a happy hour. There will be an ugly sweater fashion show (with prizes!) and a White Elephant Gift exchange. But we are putting a little twist on it. We’re hiding cash in a few of the gifts and then sitting back and watching how the ‘exchange’ and ensuing competition plays out…


Here’s my Top Ten White Elephant Gifts:

  1. A lightbulb. Who wouldn’t take this home and actually use this? Go ahead, splurge on LED.
  2. Random gift cards or merchandise credit cards. We all have them, $2.87 for Pottery Barn kids, $5 for Target, $8.63 for another random store. Write the totals in permanent marker on each card and put them all in a box.
  3. Toilet paper. Yes, another utilitarian item but seriously get the fancy stuff at the drug store and put a note on it saying ‘for the fancy guests’.
  4. Fancy bar of Chocolate: get the biggest Toblerone or fanciest bar of chocolate you can find for $5 at the drugstore. Then wrap it extra fancy. Bonus if you find a chocolate bar with Bacon.
  5. Play Dough. New please because no one needs a container of dried play dough. Anyone with kids or a childlike nature will love opening and playing with this awesome toy.
  6. A toolkit for making decisions. In the box put a small pair of scissors, a rock, and a piece of paper.
  7. Do you have any mini bottles of booze just sitting there with nothing to do? Pair with a mixer, tie a pretty bow and done. Example: Glass bottle of coke with Jack Daniels.
  8. A puppy. Not a real one of course, but find an almost new stuffy from the kids toy chest or pick one up cheap at the drugstore. Make sure it’s cute and soft. Someone will really want him.
  9. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Include a note that says ‘just add bread’.
  10. Giant container of cheese balls. If Dr. Hubs was playing this is what he would trade for…one of his favorites.0990b5a5-ed14-4c0b-a760-5e41e1bf14ab_1-57fdbd44cea7e2cdcb9399fdfd5141c2

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