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Pregnancy update: 24 weeks and counting!

I think it’s been a full three months since I’ve blogged about my third pregnancy. Okay, I haven’t blogged a peep since announcing it! So I’m sharing all now up to my 6th month.

What I’ve been feeling….

The nausea was real and has stayed around longer then I expected. When I told y’all I was pregnant I was at the end of my first trimester and in the midst of the funk. It was hard to eat anything because nothing seemed appetizing. Every day around 2pm I’d find myself in bed for hours often propped up with pillows and working. It was a miracle if I’d eat anything for dinner. Then like clockwork between 8-9pm I’d suddenly feel better and hungry. Despite my best attempts to eat early in the day and snack when I felt like it at night I still dropped weight. A lot of weight.

I lost over 15 pounds in my first trimester and just gained that weight back at 24 weeks. Gaining weight has been a struggle but I’m just eating when I can and not looking at calories. Actually I am looking at calories and trying to get the high calorie and healthy high fat foods in the belly. My OB and Dr. Hubs haven’t been overly concerned but we have all been watching carefully as I’ve done my best to eat. My OB also reminds me that every pregnancy is different, this one is no exception!

t’s actually wrong to say this out loud but I have a thigh gap…I haven’t had a thigh gap since my senior year of college. Maternity clothes from my first two pregnancies are huge on me. I actually have to go down a size or two in maternity clothes. And I’ve made my normal wardrobe last a long time.

Stress has been a big concern and one of the reasons I think I’ve been sicker with this baby. We’ve been in the midst of renovating and moving our office. My daily life includes running our growing practice, managing 10+ staff, overseeing the construction and design, and finding the money to do ALL the things. Plus being mom to two and a bump. Most days I’d hit it hard from 8am-2pm because I knew I’d be in bed with nausea in the afternoon. Our babysitter has been a huge help and managed meals, errands and the kids on those days when it’s been harder then usual to try and be normal. Even now at 6 months when I should have an increase in energy I really struggle in those late afternoon and early evening hours and I have to force myself to rest. I also hired more staff to take a few things off my plate.

The pains. Oh the pains of pregnancy are REAL and worse now then before. Maybe because I’m older or maybe because I’m skinnier then before. Either way the varicose veins have me wearing compression garments and keeping my legs elevated whenever possible. Braxton Hicks have set in. And all the other lovely elements of a typical pregnancy are definitely in play. I’m always on the verge of hangry but after a few bites I feel stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. Then two hours later hangry again. I’m either craving something or I can’t decide because nothing sounds good. And I find we eat out or get take out a lot more because I just can’t bring myself to cook raw meat. Even eggs gross me out.

I’m tired. Again, nutrition + activity + stress can already take its toll. Add to that pregnancy insomnia which has plagued me from the beginning. I’m just a hot mess with skinny thighs, a big belly and bags under my eyes. But everyone loves a prego lady so I just use it to my advantage… our six year old has started to fold laundry for me. And Dr Hubs does errands when he can. Our staff refuses to let me carry stuff (which drives me insane). And I just waddle along waiting for these final few months before we meet our baby boy.

Becoming a boy mom!

Everyone predicted this was a boy and were they ever right! I’m honestly relieved we’re having a boy so our house isn’t entirely taken over by dolls and doll clothes. Just kidding, kind of…. most people assume I won’t know what to do with a boy. Actually I grew up with three brothers and played my fair share of trucks, trains, swords and soldiers. I’m excited to see how our girls adapt to playing more boyish games with him as he gets older. I feel like he will be an easy babe…..really he won’t have much choice in the matter with two bossy older sisters and small business owning parents.

Since we’re in a smaller home right now he won’t get a nursery. But honestly I’ve co-slept with our other two so the nursery never was used other then to store diapers and clothes. Baby will have a crib in my room and I might give him a few drawers for his onesies…

I’m honestly not even close to ready for his arrival. We don’t have a crib (it was donated before our move) and I think I’ve loaned out some other baby gear to friends in the past 3 years but I can’t remember who might have what (so I’ll be sending some awkward texts soon!). We don’t have onesies or diapers or anything really. We DO have a carseat. So at least I can bring this baby home in 3 months. The rest we can figure out, or Amazon Prime as needed.

Maybe I’m so chill about not being ‘ready’ because this is 3rd baby. Or maybe because it’s a boy and for some reason in my mind dressing a boy is just so much easier. Maybe I’m just chill because there is SO much other stuff I’m dealing with right now and then I’ll freak out once the labor pain starts…I guess we’ll see!

Is this my last pregnancy?

Well, I can’t predict what God has in store for our family. But I will say Dr. Hubs and I aren’t getting any younger. We’ve always said we wanted 3 kids. So this could be my final litter.

13 weeks to go until I’m full term!




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